Image: Lisa McCarty | Sound: D. Edward Davis Performed by Wet Ink Ensemble: Erin Lesser, Alto Flute; Joshua Modney, Violin; Alex Mincek, tenor saxophone

If the eye is pressed first gently, and then more and more strongly, a dazzling and intolerable light may be excited.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

“Pitch is no more nor less than tonal color, measured in one direction. If it is possible to make from pitches structures that we call melodies—successions whose coherence evokes an effect similar to thought—then it must also be possible to produce from tone colors successions whose inherent relations have a kind of logic equivalent to that which we find satisfactory in melody comprised of pitches. This may seem a fantasy of the future, and probably is one.” –Arnold Schoenberg “

Digital Video | 20:23 | 2013


Film & Music, Music & Film, Sheafer Lab Theater, Duke University