This series considers the invisible medium inside every digital camera: Photosites

Photosites are light collectors. They are at the heart of every digital camera, and the only light-sensitive element utilized in digital imaging. If photography is defined as writing with light, then photosites are, at least, partially scribe.

Within each camera’s image sensor there are millions of them; minute, light sensitive, silicon chambers. They hold light, just for a moment, before converting it into a signal that is legible to our various electronic devices. My images document this last light before digitization. These instances–when light is simultaneously received, reflected, amplified, and absorbed–are usually “visible” to the camera alone.

Over the last year I have collected image sensors from an array of disused and dismantled digital cameras. I then use a microscope to capture still and moving images of these usually hidden sites of creation and translation. ­



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