Transcendental Concord 

Photographs by Lisa McCarty

Texts by Rebecca Norris Webb & Kirsten Rian

Hardcover | 8 x 10 inches |124 pages | 50 color images

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"For a photographer, seeing this attentively is akin to listening with one’s whole being." —Rebecca Norris Webb

"We tend to think of the camera as a literal tool, but for many it is a medium of abstraction, and McCarty utilizes photography well to create imagery steeped in history but presenting current considerations on culture and community." —Kirsten Rian

"McCarty’s attention to natural light, and her use of motion blur and multiple exposures lend a dreamlike quality to the images, which seem not only to be in the spirit of the writers, but to reveal something of their presence." Conor Risch, Photo District News


Transcendental Concord , documents the spirit of Transcendentalism, the philosophical and social movement that arose from Concord, Massachusetts in the mid-19th century. Just prior to the Civil War, and in the face of widespread industrialization, the Transcendentalists defied social conventions by pioneering models of communal living, modern environmental thinking, education reform, and secular spirituality. Transcendental Concord connects this past American movement with the present moment by combining original texts by the Transcendentalists with photographs I made in their homes and the surrounding landscape. The series pays homage to the Transcendentalists not only by capturing the environments that inspired their way of life, but in my technique: using the camera to frame changes in environment, paired with an openness to photographic experimentation.

Images via D'ARK ROOM Book Project Space, Operated by Datz Press, Seoul, South Korea